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天行一中2020级春季班 “研学大风暴”主题竞赛

2020-03-26 12:12:36 来源:财讯网



Students in 2020 Spring Class,


This spring, the outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world and affected our study and life as well. We have agreed that all students would come to campus together in March and start a new journey of study. We’ve also planned that there would be various fresh and interesting research activities every semester. However, spring has not come yet this year. We are still confined in communities and taking online lessons in front of screens.


Though spring and flowers are late, we just need to wait. Students and Teensen are jointly waiting for spring comes after the epidemic. Beyond the future you foresee. The epidemic has temporarily blocked our research and learning, but it cannot stop our expectations of research and learning. According to the decision of school, a special online research activity will be launched for all students in 2020 spring class from now on. It is a theme competition, Storm of Research and Learning, an innovative plan for the international research summer camp in new campus.



The description of the theme competition is as follows.




At the end of July 2020, the international research summer camp will be held in new campus, a 150-mu landscape campus located in Meiling National Forest Park, as well as the former CPS Private School Nanchang. It will last for five to seven days for all students in 2020 spring class. The theme is Enjoy Study in Landscapes. During these days, you would run, play and study together with friends in the forest park, drift together in the streams on campus, or discover the hidden part in beautiful campus.


It is indeed a summer camp for all students in 2020 spring class. Your activity, you make it. You are provided with democracy, and supposed to bring your imagination and creativity into full play. The innovative plan of the intentional research summer camp will be relied on every student. It will be in the form of Storm of Research and Learning theme competition, as an online research course during the epidemic this spring.



1. 每位同学须独立完成《新校园国际研学夏令营活动策划书》,策划书的内容结构必须包括:活动主题、活动意义、活动时间、活动方案(例举2~3个积极、健康、安全、寓学于乐的创意活动)、活动流程(细化到每一天各时间节点的活动安排)、物料说明(说明需要哪一些物料道具)、安全保障(说明需要注意哪些安全保卫工作)等。

Each student shall complete the activity plan of international research summer camp in new campus independently. The content structure of should include theme, significance, time, plan (exemplifying 2-3 active, healthy, safe, learn and fun creative activities), process (activity arrangement detailed to each node every day), material description (explaining the needs of materials props), and security (indicating the security to pay attention to), etc.

2. 成稿形式:PPT或WORD文档。PPT不少于20P,WORD文档不少于2000字。设计要求:丰富多彩、图文并茂。在评稿中,设计精美的PPT将更加具备获奖的潜能。

Format: powerpoint or word document. PPT shall be no less than 20 pages, and word document shall be no less than 2000 words. Design requirements: colorful and illustrated. PPT with exquisite design will possess the potential to win in the competition.

3. 竞赛时间:3月25日至4月30日,最晚截稿时间:4月30日18时。

Time: March 25 to April 30, the deadline is 18:00 on April 30.

4. 投稿方式:请将作品电子版以附件形式发送至:[email protected],注明班级姓名。

Submission: please send the electronic version of the work to [email protected], indicating the class and name.


一等奖:1名 奖品为价值800元的kindle一台

First prize: a Kindle worth 800 yuan per player / 1 player in total

二等奖:2名 奖品为价值500元的Swatch手表一块

Second prize: A Swatch watch worth 500 yuan per player / 2 players in total

三等奖:3名 奖品为价值300元的无印良品文具大礼包一份

Third prize: A pack of Muji writing materials worth 300 yuan per person / 3 players in total


Dear Teenseners, let's put our imagination on the wings. Maybe you are the chief designer of the 2020 international research summer camp in new campus! This summer, you will be in the summer camp designed by yourself, and experience the camp which really belongs to you. It's so unusual. Think about it and you'll have a sense of achievement!


撰写:Jane         肖    依

Jacky        邬豆豆

编辑:Wendy      贾西贝

翻译:Sydia        熊文琪

朗读:Jessica    吴子欣

Roxy         黄昱榕

主编:Jane           肖    依

总编:Gary         高    陆